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EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 80 WHEREAS, the New Jersey Transit Corporation (“NJ Transit”) is a vital resource to its nearly half-a-million commuters who live and work in New Jersey; and WHEREAS, NJ Transit provides more than 910,000 weekday trips, and 265 million passenger rides each year; and WHEREAS, NJ Transit rail operations take place in a very complex environment within the busiest rail corridor in the United States; and WHEREAS, once deemed a national model of commuter rail service, NJ Transit has experienced performance declines in many areas that are critical to the successful operation of the system; and WHEREAS, the combination of a more than 90 percent reduction in the State operating subsidy from Fiscal Year 2009 to Fiscal Year 2016 and a substantial increase in ridership of 23 percent from 2002 to 2017 resulted in significant fare increases, minimal capital investment, mechanical failures, safety concerns, and overall customer dissatisfaction; and WHEREAS, NJ Transit has had to d...