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title hereauthor NamesECtioN titLEMe dolorehenis eicab il ipsan-dandis et modit, odiasitatque nonsect otassequiam quae vol-orrovit ligendio im faccus aut etur acera dellorem. Alicta doluptam eum aut ped excepre icabo.Crowdsourcing and the school Library part 2: Connections across the Curriculumannette LambiNfotEChfact to fiction the truth behind movies based on true storiesannette LambiNfotEChMany movie dramas begin with a statement that they are a true story, based on a true story, or inspired by a true story. These catchphrases can be confusing for both children and adults. Film dramas and biographies such as Schindler’s List (R, 8.9, 1993) are often used in classrooms to help mature teens visualize real-world people and events, so it’s essential that both students and their teachers are media literate and able to distinguish fact from fi ction. Schindler’s List is an exam-ple of a fi lm that has been praised for its educational merits and historical authenticity. However, it’s a doc...