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FACTORS AND REASONS TO BOUGHT BUDDHA STATUENICHA BURANACHAITAWEEA THEMATIC PAPER SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENTOF THE REQUIREMENTS FORTHE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MANAGEMENTCOLLEGE OF MANAGEMENTMAHIDOL UNIVERSITY2018COPYRIGHT OF MAHIDOL UNIVERSITYiiACKNOWLEDGEMENTSFirstly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my thematic advisor, Asst.Prof. Randall Shannon, Ph.D. for invaluable support, constructive guidance and insightthroughout this thematic paper. This thematic paper cannot completed without guidancefrom him.I would like to thank my participants for taking your valuable time to be myinterviewees. Without them, I could not find any in-depth interview data to analyze andcomplete my thematic paper.Nicha BuranachaitaweeiiiFACTORS AND REASONS FOR BOUGHT BUDDHA STATUENICHA BURANACHAITAWEE 5949151M.M. (MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT)THEMATIC PAPER ADVISORY COMMITTEE: ASST. PROF. RANDALLSHANNON, Ph.D., ASSOC. PROF. ASTRID KAINZBAUER, Ph.D., RONALDSURACHAI THESENVITZ, Ph.D.ABSTRACTThe purp...