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Protect the Item• If the artwork includes a pane of glass, apply tape or adhesive film over the glass to prevent tearing of the artwork in the event of breakage.• Surround the artwork with a minimum of 3” (7.5 cm) of cushioning material or air filled packaging.Pack the Right Box• Use a new corrugated box (avoid using old boxes) that’s free of any punctures, tears or corner damage, and ensure all its flaps are intact. • Ensure the weight of the contents does not exceed 50% of the gross weight limit indicated on the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp on the box. • Ensure the box is rated at a minimum Edge Crush Test (ECT) value of 32 lbs./inch or bursting test of 200 lbs./sq. inch, as indicated on the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp.Guide to Proper PackagingFramed ArtworkWhether it’s a masterpiece or a family-created treasure, it is important to properly protect your artwork so it can hang in its new home without a scratch.Note that shipping artwork using a metal hard shell case as ou...