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35765 Federal Register/Vol. 87, No. 113/Monday, June 13, 2022/Notices Part A and Part B. Part A defines the processes to be used for treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous wastes; the design capacity of such processes; and the specific hazardous wastes to be handled at the facility. Part B requires detailed site-specific information such as geologic, hydrologic, and engineering data. In the event that permit modifications are proposed by the applicant or the EPA, modifications must conform to the requirements under Sections 3004 and 3005. Form Numbers: None. Respondents/affected entities: Entities potentially affected by this action are private sector and State, Local, or Tribal governments. Respondent’s obligation to respond: Mandatory (RCRA Section 3005). Estimated number of respondents: 159. Frequency of response: On occasion. Total estimated burden: 20,086 hours per year. Burden is defined at 5 CFR 1320.03(b). Total estimated cost: $7,008,865 (per year), which includes $5,69...