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ANNEX B 1 | Page Final Report Review of Singapore’s IP Dispute Resolution Framework TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY SECTION 1 – INTRODUCTION 1.1 Singapore as an Intellectual Property Hub in Asia 1.2 Objectives of this Review 1.3 Singapore’s Existing IP Dispute Resolution Framework SECTION 2 – PROPOSED NEW IP DISPUTE RESOLUTION FRAMEWORK 2.1 Considerations Influencing Reform 2.2 The Approaches in Other Jurisdictions 2.3 Our Proposal for Structural Reform 2.4 Features of the IP Division 2.5 Features of the “Fast Track” 2.6 Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution SECTION 3 – OTHER ADJUDICATIVE BODIES 3.1 The Copyright Tribunal 3.2 Copyright Opinions at IPOS 3.3 Other Patent Proceedings at IPOS SECTION 4 – SINGAPORE AS A VENUE FOR IP DISPUTE RESOLUTION 4.1 Developing Singapore as a Choice Venue for IP Dispute Resolution 4.2 Challenges and Opportunities in Relation to IP Litigation 4.3 Challenges and Opportunities in Relation to IP Alternative Dispute Resolution SECTION 5 – CONCLUSION AP...