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Find and share the knowledge: Singapore1CTC Legal MediaTHE ASIAN PATENT ATTORNEY’S ANNUALThe court system 1. When are disputes heard by the national patentoffice? The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) canhear disputes relating to:a)revocation, b)opposition, c)entitlement to ownership, d)infringement, e)declaration of non-infringement, f)directions on handling of disputes between joint applicants, g)entitlement to be named as an inventor, h)determination of a question of a license,and i)the settlement of the terms of a License of Right. An innovative and unique feature for resolving disputesat IPOS is a voluntary procedure for expert determination.IPOS will invite and parties may request for a referral toa service offered by the World Intellectual PropertyOrganization Arbitration and Mediation Center inSingapore (WIPO Center). The parties have freedom toagree to be bound by the expert determination.2. Where are the trial courts (centralized or regional)? Singapore is a sm...