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1INTRODUCTION The freedom of religion is one of our nation’s most fundamental values. That is why it is protected in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Americans also believe in treating others the way they want to be treated, and while religious freedom is one of our country’s fundamental values, that freedom doesn’t give any person or any company the right to harm, discriminate against, or impose their beliefs on others.Contrary to these shared values, the so-called First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), recently introduced in Congress,1 would permit discrimination by individuals, privately owned companies, and nonprofits against their employees, customers, and clients based on the belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman or that sex outside of marriage is improper. Oddly, FADA also states the federal government will not take adverse action against those who believe in marriage as currently defined under federal law. While this clause may provide the veneer of...