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Viikass JollyChildrenflying infiniteChildrenflying infiniteChildren, the tiny buds that God plants in the garden of life, are little miracles waiting to be discovered. Their minds are enriched with creativity and imagination. When given the right direction and motivation, they can do wonders which most of us only dream about. The pinnacles some of these children have achieved at tender ages are remarkable. With self-motivation, meditation techniques and improving some techniques of the mind, they can unlock their hidden potential. This book is full of stories of such kids who have done amazing things in their young age and left the whole world awestruck. Some of them are already great surgeons, musicians, researchers, sports-persons, excelling in the work they do, leaving a trail of their success behind.This book will make you realise the potential of the human mind. If they can do it at such a young age, why can’t we? It’s all the barriers of our mind that we need to break free of and...