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6263FOIL ADVENTURESIntricately tangled, John Chamberlain’s Foil sculptures are looped and flexed into whimsical, biomorphic forms. In Foil Adventures: John Chamberlain’s Late Works in Aluminum, Corinna Thierolf discusses how the artist shifted to and perfected working with this material starting in the mid-1960s. 6465On a memorable summer day in 1958, John Chamberlain found a roughly thirty-year-old Ford in the back yard of his friend Larry Rivers’s house in Southampton, Long Island. In this rusted car the sculptor discovered the Carrara marble of the twentieth cen-tury. Removing the fenders from a vehicle that seemed to him worthless (although to the absent Rivers it was a desirable old-timer), he drove over the metal in his own car, deforming it and thereby liberating it from its original function. By bending, crumpling, and twisting the refractory material, he lent it a new, suggestive vibrancy. Such was the origin of his first, iconic sculpture using car parts, which would be followe...