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Foil Sculpting:Advanced - HammerART PROJECTS AT HOMEDescription: What can you create with a single sheet of foil? Students will be learning the techniques necessary to use foil to bring their ideas to life. They will be developing a better understanding of 3D form and material manipulation through their work with the medium of foil. Students will learn methods of manipulating form and space, and how these can be used to best represent the 3D object they are trying to replicate.Essential Terms:• Form: An element of art, means objects that have three dimensions• Shape: A two-dimensional area that is defined by a change in value or some other form of contrast• 3-D / 3-Dimensional: Having or appearing to have length, breadth, and depth• Isolate: To be or remain alone or apart from others or things• In the round: When sculpture is viewed “in the round” it can be seen from all anglesPrimary Goals and Related National Standards:• Students will be able to use limited materials to create a 3 di...