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REMEMBER: Peat is better in the bog than in the bag!• The information contained in this leaflet was correct at the time of its production. • Company policies mean that the range of products may change.• Not all products are available in all stores.• Mention of branded products does not mean that the brands or producers areendorsed by The Wildlife Trusts.Further information on peat-free products and wildlife gardening may be availablefrom your local Wildlife Trust and by visiting: www.wildaboutgardens.orgThe following websites give further information on peat-free products:www.crocus.co.uk www.fertilefibre.co.ukwww.harrodhorticultural.comwww.peateringout.comwww.terraecosystems.comwww.vitalizer.tvThe Wildlife Trusts are a partnership of 47 local Wildlife Trusts across the UK, plus the Isle of Man and Alderney. Wecare for more than 2,500 nature reserves spanning over 80,000 hectares. Our vision is ‘an environment richer inwildlife for everyone’ and we campaign for the protection of wildli...