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Foreign Language - Hindi (FLN) 1Foreign Language -Hindi (FLN)FLN 101 Elementary Hindi-Urdu I (3 credit hours) Introduction to standard Hindi-Urdu. Emphasis on speaking and listening,and on reading and writing in the Hindi writing system (Devanagari).Readings in South Asian culture and civilization.Corequisite: FLN 103Typically offered in Fall onlyFLN 102 Elementary Hindi-Urdu II (3 credit hours) Continuation of FLN 101. Emphasis on oral communication and readingand writing in the Hindi writing system (Devanagari). Further readings inSouth Asian culture and civilization.Prerequisite: FLN 101, Corequisite: FLN 104Typically offered in Spring onlyFLN 103 Elementary Hindi-Urdu I Conversation (1 credit hours) Required conversational practice for FLN 101. Special attention toindividual pronunciation and intonation. Introduction of formal andinformal speech. Use of audiovisual materials.Corequisite: FLN 101Typically offered in Fall onlyFLN 104 Elementary Hindi-Urdu II Conversation (1 credit ho...