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1In Community you see a group of com-munity college students interact in a wide variety of situations. Most of the time, their communication patterns get them into trouble—not unlike people in real life. Clearly they could use a good course in interpersonal communication. This first chapter introduces this most important form of communication.Objectives After reading this chapter, you should be able to:1. Explain the personal and professional benefits to be derived from the study of interpersonal communication.2. Define interpersonal communication.3. Diagram a model of communication containing source–receiver, messages, channel, noise, and context, and define each of these elements.4. Explain the principles of interpersonal communication, and give examples of each.5. Define and illustrate the four essential interpersonal communication competencies.Foundations of Interpersonal Communication1chapter part 1 preliminaries tO interpersOnal messagesMEssagEs In ThE MEDIaListento the Chapter A...