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Four SeasonsManaging your asthma and your allergic rhinitis throughout the seasonsThe content of this booklet was developed by Allergy UK, with assistance from The AsthmaSociety of Canada. Allergy UK retained final editorial control. The production, printing anddistribution of the booklet was funded by a grant from MSD. MSD is also distributing copiesof the booklet. ContentsFour Seasonsis packedfull of useful informationabout asthma andallergic rhinitis withuseful tips on minimisingyour exposure toallergens and a symptomdiary to enable you torecord and monitor yoursymptoms.ForewordAbout this bookletAsthma and allergic rhinitisManaging your asthmaand allergic rhinitisthroughout the seasons:SpringSummerAutumnWinterTreatment optionsSymptom DiaryFurther information12610121416182128 ForewordIf you are an asthma sufferer but find that you are getting cold like symptomsthroughout the year, it may be that you are also suffering from allergic rhinitis. Seasonal allergic rhinitis or hayfever aff...