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1FreightTechAdvancing the future of logisticsFreightTech White Paper 2020 2Roland Berger FreightTech White Paper 2020 3Roland Berger FreightTech White Paper 2020The term FreightTech describes new digital technologies and disruptive ideas that are revolutionizing the logistics industryFreightTech refers to the application of disruptive ideas in intelligence, automation and integration to increase transparency and efficiency in the logistics industry. These are driven by new digital technologies. The enabling power behind FreightTech is intelli­gence – the growing ability to collect and analyze large amounts of data. Hardware­focused appli­cations target increased automation, while software­focused applications target increased integration of the supply­chain. These are not limited to pure logistics. They also cover non­production logistics activities, such as trans­portation, re­arrangement, transshipment, commis sioning and storing of goods, and indirect activities, such as, order proc...