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FAQ’s 1. Why was this appraisal necessary? I have no intention of selling my home. The Texas Constitution mandates that all taxable property be appraised in accordance with its market value (what it would sell for on January 1), and that appraisals be equal and uniform. If appraisals are not updated on a regular basis, these constitutional requirements cannot be met. Also, the amount of state funding to our school districts is reduced if our values in a particular school district are found to be significantly below actual market value. 2. How can the value of my property go up that much in one year? It really makes no difference what the value of your property was the prior year. The question is “what is the market value as of January 1st of this year?” 3. Do jurisdictions like the county, cities, and school districts put pressure on the CAD to raise values so they will have more money? NO! The local taxing jurisdictions only ask that we do our work fairly and accurately. The amount of...