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Choose optionFrequently asked questions: ASand A-level SociologyWebinar: Progressing through A-level Sociology: tracking, assessment and exemplarsDate: 22 February 2016The following are a list of questions raised during the above webinar. Answers have beenprovided for your assistance:What will the AS and A-level grade boundaries be?We cannot confirm what the grade boundaries will be. With all exams these are decidedafter the exams have been set each year. The following is a link to a short videoexplaining how grade boundaries are set: Grade boundaries.Do the students need to explicitly “evaluate” on the 10 mark questions, or is theAO3 focus purely on analysis?In the outline and explain 10 mark questions, the student is analysing rather thanevaluating ie they will be required to present the argument but not make a judgment. In the10 mark analyse questions on the A-level paper, the student will need to analyse andevaluate ie they will need to present the argument, make judgments and draw...