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FRESHCARE CROP LIST 20200113 Page 1 of 13 Freshcare Crop List The Freshcare Crop List outlines the scope of certification for the Freshcare Standards, including crops/produce and business activities. The Freshcare Crop List provides a reference guide for participating Freshcare businesses, stakeholders and customers to verify the scope of certification on Freshcare Certificates. This list is managed by Freshcare with updates communicated to stakeholders and made available on the Freshcare website www.freshcare.com.au/resources/freshcare-crop-list. Any questions related to the Freshcare Crop List should be directed to Freshcare [email protected] Freshcare Certification Freshcare certification covers businesses involved in primary production activities. This includes the growing, handling, packing, storage, ripening, wholesaling, brokerage, transport and distribution of fresh produce. Freshcare Standards Freshcare Standard Code Scope Notes Food Safety & Quality FSQ Grower Packer Foo...