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—Plant—;—Pl. Syst. Evol. 206: 3-18 (1997) Systematicsand Evolution© Springer-Verlag 1997 Printed in AustriaFriedrich Ehrendorfer 70 - a life of pioneering devotion to botany and biosystematics*Manfred A. Fischer Received December 14, 1996Biosystematics is on the one hand an experimental science, and on the other essentially a theoretical and synthetic one. A good biosystematist knows how to embrace both. In a highly specialized scientific world abounding in data and hypotheses there is need for great minds capable of absorbing and working with this vast information. In both these respects, F. Ehrendorfer’s merits are justly famous throughout the whole botanical world; he is a laudatory example for all of us.Professor Ehrendorfer represents the splendid synthesis of floristics and classical taxonomy (one of his teachers being Karl Heinz Rechinger), meticulous karyology (another important teacher was Lothar Geitler who pioneered chromosomal and cyanobacterial research) and evolutionary r...