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s5Friends of the Museums SingaporeMay{une 201"0,[email protected]@3Ifiriarthistoryculturepeople Drifter: Speed of Light,2000, James Rosenquist9-Colour lithograph on Somerset soft white paper, printed byMaurice Sanchez, Derriere L'Etolie Studio, New York, edition 60/XXcontemporary Aft,Collaboratively CoolSTPI's new exhibition pushesboundaries, mixes mediaBy Ptper ParryThe exhibition has toured New York's Museum of ModernArt (MoMA), London's Whitechapel Art Gallery and the 21stCentury Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan.The next stop is the Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)from 22 May to 10 July for 200 nrtworks 25 years: Artists'Editions for Parkett.The art will be displayed in and around rooms of animaginary house, such as a Playroom, Wardrobe and Garden.Visitors exit the exhibition through the Reading Room,where they can browse through Pnrkett's recent volumes aswell as through artists' sketches, letters and other materialdocumenting the direct collaboration process.Featuring work by ...