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Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature, pages 72–81,Atlanta, Georgia, June 14, 2013. c©2013 Association for Computational LinguisticsFrom high heels to weed attics:a syntactic investigation of chick lit and literatureKim Jautze* Corina Koolen† Andreas van Cranenburgh*† Hayco de Jong**Huygens ING †Institute for Logic, Language and ComputationRoyal Dutch Academy of Science University of AmsterdamP.O. box 90754, 2509 LT, The Hague, The Netherlands Science Park 904, 1098 XH, The Netherlands{Kim.Jautze,Hayco.de.Jong}@huygens.knaw.nl {C.W.Koolen,A.W.vanCranenburgh}@uva.nlAbstractStylometric analysis of prose is typically lim-ited to classification tasks such as authorshipattribution. Since the models used are typi-cally black boxes, they give little insight intothe stylistic differences they detect. In thispaper, we characterize two prose genres syn-tactically: chick lit (humorous novels on thechallenges of being a modern-day urban fe-male) and high li...