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Front Yard Landscape Design Guidelines for Water Wise Landscape Plan In an effort to assist homeowners who want to change their landscape to a more drought tolerant Central Texas landscape, the Architectural Control Committee is setting the following design guidelines for front yards. The goal is to provide attractive and well maintained landscaping for Circle C front yards that enhance curb appeal while emphasizing water conservation. Plan Submittal is Required All homeowners who are substantially changing their front yard landscape are required to submit a landscape design plan to the Architectural Control Committee. Forms for the submission can be found at www.circlecranch.info, under the Resource Tab, and then under Committees. The following items must be included in the plan: a) All front yard hard-scape items such as pathways, fountains, retaining walls, sidewalks, flower pots and any other permanent items. b) All proposed shrubs and flower beds, showing size and outline, edging ...