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Fueling the Future of MobilityHydrogen and fuel cell solutions for transportation Volume 1Deloitte China Powering the Future of Mobility | Executive summary 1Executive summaryJointly written and published by Deloitte and Ballard, this white paper seeks to introduce the wondrous technology of fuel cell vehicles, as well as their commercial applications. Through in depth research and analysis, this paper provides answers to the most pertinent questions from industry executives and laypeople alike - how economically viable are fuel cell vehicles, and what is their impact on the environment?Hydrogen is the single most abundant substance in the universe. Perhaps due to this abundance, we sometimes forget how useful hydrogen is. From being used in the very first internal combustion engines as an inflammable fuel, to powering flight by airships, hydrogen has once again taken center stage in mankind’s quest for energy sources, in the form of fuel cell applications.In this three-part series, we...