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Gabriele Ruiu ISSN 2071-789XRECENT ISSUES IN SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCHEconomics & Sociology, Vol. 6, No 2, 2013103Gabriele RuiuPh. D. in EconomicsTemporary research fellowDepartment of Economics andBusinessTHE ORIGIN OF FATALISTICTENDENCIES: AN EMPIRICALINVESTIGATIONUniversity of Sassari,Via Muroni, 25, 07100,Sassari (SS), ItalyE-mail: [email protected] We maintain that fatalistic tendencies arethe output of the interaction between cultural factors (andin particular of religion) and historical institutionalexperiences. This idea has been empirically tested usingWorld Value Survey data. We find that a more regulatedsociety tends to be also more fatalistic. At the same time,also religious beliefs and their interactions with theinstitutional framework seem to be an important elementdetermining fatalistic tendencies. For what regards thedirect effect of religious affiliation on fatalism, we find thatthere are not large differences across the various faiths. Inother terms, being religious...