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SIGN UPJOANNA [email protected] never sounded thisgood. Date, Almond andCoconut Energy Balls,Black Bread Roll, Rose-mary and CharcoalCrackers, and BriocheFrench Toast —learnall this and more at chefShaheen Peerbhai’s up-coming baking tour. The three-city tourbegins this weekendin Mumbai, wherePeerbhai wants toshow people thatthere’s more to pas-try than red velvet cup-cakes and brownies.“I hope to push stu-dents out of theircomfort zone bychallenging themwith new flavoursand textures,” shesays. The classes are dividedinto sections calledDessert Fix, Ice Creams,Easy Bakes, Chocolat, CreativePastry, and the new Breads andBrunch Time. “ Each year, I havemy students request new thingsthey want to learn. They’ve beenchasing me to teach sourdoughbread, so I’vebrought mytrusty little blobof levain (sourdoughstarter) from London.As for brunch —I dosweets all the time sothought it’d be nice tomix up a bit of savourytoo.” The classes aredemo-based be-cause Peerbhai be-lieves that...