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1. AerationSpring is an ideal time to aerate, since the ground usually isn’t saturated with water.Hollow core aeration is key to allowing oxygen into our clay soil and can be done with littlecost to you. If your lawn is in need of additional nutrition, you can spread a fine layer ororganic material across the lawn after aerating. 2. Mower HeightTo prevent stress in your lawn, you should never be removing more than 1/3 of your grassblades when you mow. Mulching is ideal when you mow, and many mowers have a mulchsetting. Why mulch? The top inch of grass blades has a high nitrogen content and bymulching them you are adding that nitrogen back into your lawn to promote growth. 3. NutritionReading the directions before applying any fertilizer or herbicide is key. By applying toomuch or applying at the wrong time of year can place stress on the lawn. You don’t want tosacrifice root development for a quick green up. 4. WaterBy far the most important and yet the least understood. In our clay so...