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[email protected]  (02) 6048 0532  21 Union Road North Albury NSW 2640 DISCLAIMER: All information provided in this publication is correct to the best knowledge of the company and is given out in good faith. The information presented herein is intended only as a general guide to the use of such products and no liability is accepted by Plastic Forests Pty Ltd for any loss or damage however arising, which results either directly or indirectly from the use of such information. Users of products made from recycled plastic should recognise the limitations imposed, and in conjunction with the supplier agree on the necessary specification limits. In general, products made from recycled plastic conform to “Fit for Use” criteria. Information, product specifications and pricing may change without notice. ACN: 147 913 559 ABN: 99147913559 20102022 GARDEN EDGING (3mm thick) Ideal for edging paths, garden beds, borders, lawns and for protecting trees from whipper-snipper damage. Flexi...