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Gender Differences and Confidence Levels in Lie Detection, Based on Facial Expressions and Upper Body Language Jorine Heijboer, Manon Kitselaar, Willeke van Orsouw, Maaike van Rosmalen, Martine Sedy, & Samantha Verhoeven Abstract This study investigated if people are able to detect lies based on facial expressions and upper body language in short, only visual, video clips. These video clips consisted of people telling lies or truthful statements and were judged by 80 participants. The participants reported if people were lying or telling the truth, and how confident they were about their judgement. The results showed no main effect of accuracy in detecting lies or truth. However, there was an effect of gender in videoclips. When men were lying in the clips, participants achieved a higher accuracy score than for women who were lying, and when women were truthful, a higher accuracy score was obtained than when men were lying. In addition, women did not perform better than men, in fact th...