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GENE TECHNOLOGY IN MEDICINE DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTIONA responsible approach Ethical issues have no borders. Novo Nordisk therefore strives for global standards and has global requirements for its business partners and suppliers. Novo Nordisk actively supports regulation which guides how the industry uses new science and technologies to develop innovative pharmaceutical treatments. Novo Nordisk also engages directly with relevant stakeholders to keep abreast of emerging issues in bioethics and reconcile dilemmas as they arise. The commitment to operate in a respectful manner and to continuously raise the ethical bar is stated in our bioethics policy.GLOBAL BIOETHICAL STANDARDSNOVO NORDISK’S BIOETHICS POLICYIn Novo Nordisk we will discover, develop and produce biological medicines with respect for people, animals and the environment. This means that we will:• continuously improve our performance• promote bioethical awareness in Novo Nordisk• operate by high ethical global standards in r...