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Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques 2020, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pages: 839-842 839 General analysis of the Application of the Architectural Bionics in the Renovation and Reconstruction of Building Objects P.V. Rozhkov1*, V. I. Prokopenko1, I.A. Purikova1, S.V. Tertitsa1, Yu.S. Dimitryuk2 1 Department of industrial technologies, Russian Technological University, MIREA branch in Stavropol, 8 Kulakov avn., 355029, Stavropol, Russia 2 Department of construction and welding production, SAEI HPT Nevinnomyssk State Humanitarian and Technical Institute, 17 Mira blvrd, 357108, Nevinnomyssk, Russia Received: 18/02/2020 Accepted: 28/04/2020 Published: 20/02/2020 Abstract Bionic architecture brings new horizons to human beings that can be used to sustain and reduce environmental damage. Another advantage of Bionic architecture is that it utilizes natural biological methods to solve design problems in modern life. The aim of this paper is to discuss the general concepts of architectural bion...