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Policy document 4/02February 2002ISBN 0 85403 576 1This report can be foundat www.royalsoc.ac.ukGenetically modifiedplants for food use andhuman health—an update Contents Preparation of this report2Summary31Introduction42The use of substantial equivalence in the safety assessment of GM food53Possible effects of GM food on human nutrition74Possible allergic responses to GM foods75Potential effects on human health resulting from the use of viral DNA in plants86The fate of GM plant DNA in the digestive system97Conclusions and recommendations108References11Appendix 1 Press Release14Appendix 2 List of respondees to the study14Appendix 3 Legislation15Appendix 4 Recommendations from the Royal Society 1998 report Genetically modified plants for food use16Appendix 5 Glossary18Other recent Royal Society reports19Preparation of this reportIn 1998 the Royal Society issued the report Genetically modified plants for food use. The Society periodically issuesupdates on reports (recent examples include...