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1Geography 1, Project 1:Time-Geography and GenderAssigned: October 14, 2002Due: October 30, 2002 (in class)Introduction:Time-geography was originally developed by a Swedish geographer named TorstenHägerstrand, in reaction to the dominance of spatial analysis in geography during the 1960s.As Massey (1984) discusses, critics argued that spatial analysis neglected social practices andsocial organization, and was fundamentally dehumanizing. Hägerstrand and his students suchas Pred (1981) sought an approach that could analyze the interactions between temporal andspatial constraints (structures and patterns) and the experiences of individuals during their dailyroutines. Although we are using a relatively formal approach for this project, the article byBondi and Domosh (1998) illustrates how some of the principles of time-geography can beused to analyze gender by tracing the movements of women in different historical periods.For this project, you will record your own day-to-day experience usi...