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GEOGRAPHY GCSE REVISION BOOKLET Sahara DesertAndes 2Describe–state what something (graph, map, diagram…) looks like and how it works. DO NOT explain or give reasonsExplain–give as many detailed reasons as you canAnalyse-Break down the topic into parts and give an in-depth account. Comment.Evaluate -identify the positives and negatives OR strengths and weaknesses… this is an evaluative question requiring you to weigh up the importance of the subject. This means there are a number of possible explanations –give both sides and comment on the relative strength or importance of each side.State or identifyor name –require a short answer to a simple task, usually a sentence not just a wordAnnotate–add detailed labelsAssess–see evaluateCompare –identify similarities and differencesContrast –Point out the differences only between two or more itemsDefine–explain the meaning of...Discuss–Give both sides of an argument (for and against) and come to a conclusionExamine -look closely, investigate in...