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Get Out, 2017 Directed by Jordan Peele Get Out is a mash-up of a Horror movie, a dramady, SciFi, a psychological thriller with Hitchcockian overtones, and a family drama. It borrows troupes from all of these Hollywood clichés and turns them back on themselves because the subtext to all of this is a very clever way of looking at micro-aggressions within a context of middle class/liberal racism. It brings to mind for me Tom Wolfe’s short story called Radical Chic, which was about how Leonard Bernstein and his family fell into this trap. This is primarily, though, a Monster movie which uses the tropes of that genre plus tropes of SciFi and zombie films. The English word monster comes from the Latin Monstrum, which was originally understood as a divine messenger and is originally derived from the Latin monstrare, which means to “show,” or to “reveal.” In interviews, Jordan Peele who has stated that he loves Monster movies has said that the motivation for this movie came from his perception...