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RVCFGlossary of Retail Supply Chain TermsTermAcronymDefinition1SYNC™ A data pool that was created via the consolidation of Transora and UCCnet in August 2005 designed to help the industry maximize the value of data synchronization. 1SYNC™ Data Pool Services A service that validates, stores, routes, and publishes supplier data to retail partners who have subscribed to the data, ensuring that all trading partners are using identical, updated, GS1 System standards-compliant data. This service also ensures that any changes to product data are automatically communicated to the retailers. Notifications are sent when data is published so both suppliers and retailers know the status of the published data. 1SYNC™ Solution Partner A solution provider that has been trained and certified by 1SYNC to support user implementation of the 1SYNC Data Pool. 2005 Sunrise An industry initiative of United States and Canadian companies to become capable of scanning and processing EAN-8 symbols, EAN-13 symbol...