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GMOs in Horticulture: Past, Present and Future: Outcomes of the CRP- sponsored conference held in Brisbane, Australia, 20 August , 2014 Bart Panis, 1 December, 2016, OECD, Paris Photo: Krishnasis Ghosh Conference part of the IHC meeting in Brisbane organized by (ISHS International Society for Horticultural Science) ISHS membership •Thousands of Individual Members in over 150 countries •60 Country/Region Members •>150 Institutional Members Scientific Programme: •each year ~45 meetings International Horticultural Congress •IHC2002 Toronto: 2500 delegates •IHC2006 Seoul: 2000 delegates •IHC2010 Lisbon: 3600 delegates •IHC2014 in Brisbane: 3290 delegates (40 symposia) •IHC2018 in Istanbul, Turkey GMOs in Horticulture - Past, Present and Future Facts •More than 1 billion hectares of genetically modified (GM) crops have been planted by millions of farmers in 28 countries worldwide •More than 90% of GMO farmers are small farmers in developing countries •The vast majority of GM plantings have ...