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GOOD FOODTIGHT BUDGET ABOUTTHIsGUIDEWant to fill your plate with delicious, healthy foods without breaking the bank? Good Food on a Tight Budget—the first of its kind—lists foods that are good for you, easy on your wallet and good for the planet. Environmental Working Group’s health experts have chosen them based on an in-depth review of government surveys and tests for nearly 1,200 foods. Our food lists (page 6), shopping list (page 29), meal planner (page 30) and price tracker (page 31) are designed to help you save time and money.Our top picks are based on average food prices. Check for the best local buys.Variety is important for health and happiness. Our lists are a good start, but try other affordable foods, especially from the fruit and vegetable aisles.Can’t find something? Ask if the store manager can stock it. Happy, healthful eating from EWG with thanks to Share Our Strength. IN COLLABORATION WITHUsING THIs GUIDEthroughout the guide look out for these icons.Best buysRead mor...