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Good Indoor / Open Space Baseball / Softball Drills Bottle Cap drill – take broom handles and cut them into 2 equal halves. Then do soft toss using one half of the broom handle tossing bottle caps. This will train their eye for a small target. Golf ball drill – same concept as above, only this time you will use plastic golf balls and a real bat or broom handle. 4 corners – have 4 players form a box and work on their turns for turning a double play. Pitching on a line – spray paint a line 46 feet or 48 feet away. Paint one end like home plate and the other end like a pitching rubber (add a line toward home plate to the pitching rubber). No field is required then. Do simple drills with your catcher setting up on the outside. Then move him inside and eventually center. Work on your pitcher stepping on the line at release and measure his pitching by weather your catcher has to move his glove to receive the ball. When you don’t have access to a field, it is a great time for going over sign’...