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HUFLIT International Conference On Ensuring A High-Quality Human Resource In The Modern Age - Oct 16, 2020 doi: 10.15625/vap.2020.00103 GOOD VS. EVIL: ATTRIBUTION OR PLAGIARISM Phillip M. AdamsSchools of Economics and Law, Engineering and Technology, Agriculture and Aquaculture Tra Vinh University, Vietnam [email protected] ABSTRACT: Ensuring high-quality human capital/resources in the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on Digital Technologies requires a commitment to, and implementation of, firm personal, institutional and governmental foundations in education and training. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (‗OECD‘) suggests that for each year of extra education, as a population, a 9 % increase in GDP per capita follows.* Unfortunately, associated with the digital age and the promises of ―a better tomorrow‖ advanced by the Industrial Revolution 4.0, a cancer has emerged and is growing rapidly throughout educational institutions worldwide. That cancer is plagi...