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11/01/22GR 6100 | NUI GalwayGR 6100(Academic Year 2020/21)Aine RyanView Online13 itemsGlobal Perspectives on Intercultural Communication - Stephen M. Ed Croucher, 2017Book | RecommendedIntercultural communication in contexts - Judith N. Martin, Thomas K. Nakayama, 2018Book | CoreIntroducing Language and Intercultural Communication - Jane Jackson, 2019Book | CoreCite them right: the essential referencing guide - Richard Pears, Graham J. Shields, 2019Book | CoreAn introduction to intercultural communication: identities in a global community - FredEdmund Jandt, 2021Book | RecommendedIntroducing Language and Intercultural Communication - Jane Jackson, 2014Book | CoreExploring Intercultural Communication : language in action - Zhu Hua, 2018Book | RecommendedUnderstanding Intercultural Interaction: An Analysis of Key Concepts - Frank Fitzpatrick,2019Book | RecommendedTalking black and white: an intercultural exploration of twenty-first-century racism,prejudice, and perception - Gina Castle B...