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NameDateGraceful Greek ArchitectureBy Colleen MessinaThe Greeks were the cultural superheroes of the ancient world. They wrotegigantic poems. They sculpted fine figures. They wrote tragic plays. They builtgraceful structures which have influenced many of our buildings today. Theancient Greeks seem to peer out at us in many ways in the modern world.Pericles helped make the Greek city of Athens spectacular. He was an admiraland statesman, but he also liked to build things. He decided that Athens shouldhave beautiful buildings. He was in charge of building the Parthenon, a templededicated to Pallas Athena. It was built between 447 B.C. and 436 B.C. Thearchitecture of the Parthenon affected buildings for centuries.It might seem strange to you that an old building would be so important. Somepeople think that the Parthenon was the most important building in history. Let'spretend that you lived in Athens. A proud moment of your life would be when youvisited the Parthenon. What was special abo...