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YOUR MONEYB5Gulf News | Sunday, April 2, 2017 | gulfnews.comUAE: The future is cashlessAcross the world, nations are engaged in a race to move to a cashless economy. At first glance, the UAE looks to be a long way off with 75 per cent of all transactions still made using cash, but the country is laying the foundations to go digital.“The UAE ranks foremost among regional economies most rapidly moving away from cash,” says Eyad Al Kour-di, General Manager of Southern Gulf, and Middle East and North Africa MasterCard Advisor. “Accessibility of financial services, level of technology available and the extent of con-sumer participation in the formal economy are key determi-nants in a country’s readiness to move to a cashless society, and the UAE fares extremely well on all these counts.”Government intentProactive government policies have been crucial in build-ing a digital culture in the UAE and eliminating many of the barriers to becoming a cashless society. Digital commerce and cashless p...