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American Journal of Archaeology 115 (2011) 611–40611STATE OF THE DISCIPLINEGreek ArchitectureBARBARA A. BARLETTAAbstractThe study of Greek architecture grew out of the me-ticulous recording of buildings and their components by 18th- and 19th-century investigators. Although the aims have changed, with an increasing emphasis on historical and social context, the basic methods of documentation remain the same. This essay traces the history of the disci-pline as a background to modern approaches, geographic emphases, and new perspectives. It surveys the work of archaeological schools and conference bodies, followed by general studies of architecture and its components as well as individual building forms and complexes. A focus is placed on recent literature, from 1980 to the present, and on books rather than articles.*introductionMany contributions have been made to the field of Greek architecture over the past 30 years. Previ-ously known buildings have received fuller studies, and newly e...