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GREEK WEIRD WAVEA CINEMA OF BIOPOLITICSDIMITRIS PAPANIKOLAOU Greek Weird Wave Greek Weird WaveA Cinema of BiopoliticsDimitris Papanikolaou Edinburgh University Press is one of the leading university presses in the UK. We publish academic books and journals in our selected subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, combining cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce academic works of lasting importance. For more information visit our website: edinburghuniversitypress.com© Dimitris Papanikolaou, 2021Edinburgh University Press LtdThe Tun – Holyrood Road12(2f) Jackson’s EntryEdinburgh EH8 8PJTypeset in Garamond MT Pro by Servis Filmsetting Ltd, Stockport, Cheshire, and printed and bound in Great BritainA CIP record for this book is available from the British LibraryISBN 978 1 4744 3631 1 (hardback)ISBN 978 1 4744 3633 5 (webready PDF)ISBN 978 1 4744 3634 2 (epub)The right of Dimitris Papanikolaou to be identified as the author of this work ...