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Hire a Santa Clara Valley Green Gardener to maintain your garden using sustainable landscape maintenance practices. Santa Clara Valley Green Gardeners have received training to: • Use resources wisely, conserve water, protect the soil, and reduce waste. • Improve the health, appearance and value of landscapes. • Reduce urban runoff and stormwater pollution from landscape maintenance activities Green Gardener Name Business Name Landscape Service Type: (Design, Construction, Maintenance) Phone Number Alfredo Acosta * Alfredo Acosta’s Landscape Maintenance Maintenance 510-887-8066 Moises Aguayo Common Ground Landscaping Maintenance 408-858-3590 Jesus Alvarado Alvarado Landscape Consulting Design, Construction & Maintenance 510-304-3400 Pedro Alvarez * F&H Landscaping Maintenance 408-201-2984 Jorge Apreciado Green Foliage Unlimited, Inc. Design, Construction & Maintenance 408-393-5783 Carlos Arreola Arreola’s Landscaping Maintenance 408-393-0680 Alberto Ayala Gachina Landscape Management C...