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THE GIVING TREEGreen Tara RisingIt's 2001. Retreat time atOsel Ling Centro de Retirosin Granada, Spain. LamaZopa Rinpoche asks artistBertrand Cayla to create alarge statue of Green Tara forone of the hillsides at thecenter. Little does he knowwhat lies in store.Bertrand began the creationprocess in October 2001 inhis workshop at NalandaMonastery in Lavaur, France[where he was a monk at thetime]. Under Rinpoche'sguidance, the statueunderwent many changes;and at the end of 2006, ithad reached its fourthincarnation and finalizedaspect. Bertrand tellsthe story ...W hen Lama Zopa suggested this project, I wassurprised to say the least, because I had no realexperience of building such a large statue (morethan three meters in height), but at the same time, I wasreally curious to see what the result might be. I felt that ifLama Zopa was asking for it, there must be a good reason. Ididn't know, though, that it would be such a task ... andtoday, although the statue herself is ready, until it is ...