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GROUP 1 & 2 ART PRESENTATIONGrades K - 1ART JOURNALS / SKETCHBOOKLINES & SHAPES COLLAGE COVER ARTPaper shapes were chosen to create colorful collages for the covers ofart journals.Cover stock, sketch paper, assorted collage paper, glue sticks.“LANDSCAPE COLLAGE”PAINTED PAPER STUDIESYoung Artist learned primary and secondary colors along withcolor mixing by experimenting with acrylic paint and assortedtools. The painted paper was used for collage projectsBristol board, acrylic paint, assorted collage paper, glue sticks, assortedpainting tools.“LITTLE PEOPLE”MIXED MEDIA SOFT SCULPTUREDUE TO COVID-19, The artist creating the soft sculptures were not able to complete theproject.They worked very hard on the project so I’m showing some of the steps priorto completion.Group 1 experimented with various painting techniques to paint the foundationfor their “Little People” soft sculptures. In making the faces, basic clay skillswere learned.Primed canvas, acrylic paint, polymer clay, assorted pain...