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Growing Cassava in NigeriaUnited States Agency for International Developmentwww.usaid.govInformation and Communication Support for Agricultural Growth in Nigeriawww.ics-nigeria.orgICS-NigeriaCOMMERCIAL CROP PRODUCTION GUIDE SERIES Growing Cassava in NigeriaChoice of landChoose well-drained, deep, loamy soils. Where such is not available sandy and clayey soils can be managed intensively for cassava production. However, very sandy and clayey soils should be avoided.Land preparation: The texture and water table of the soil will guide you in your choice of land preparation method. Planting on the flat is recommended when the soil is deep and well drained as in sandy loam soils. Shallow and clayey soils should be tilled and ridged. Soils prone to water-logging require ridges or mounds. Planting on ridges or mounds is a general practice in the rain forest and derived savanna zones in Nigeria.Choosing a varietyCarefully select varieties with multiple pest and disease resistance, high and stab...