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!"#$%&'(%) *+, %-./'(.0'+(2006)0.0% '(0%&&%10".& 2,+2%,03 +**'4%+* 05% 2%+2&% ! ) ,%2"6&'4 +* 45'(7!"#$%&%'(!)*+, -*.*, /%*,00,'*1.0 2"!2,"*3 !44/',%56 78In accordance with the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law of the People!sRepublic of China, the State Intellectual Property Office formulates the Guidelines for Ex-amination. The Guidelines are hereby promulgated and shall enter into force on 1 July,2006. The previous Guidelines promulgated on 18 October, 2001 and the subsequentproclamations in amending the same shall be abolished accordingly.*/&% 09:;the Commissioneron 24 May, 2006!"#$%"#&The State Intellectual Property Office of the People!s Republic of China, as the PatentAdministration Department under the State Council, commissions the Patent Office of theState Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter the "Patent Office#) to accept, examine andgrant patent for patent applications. The Patent Office makes decisions on behalf and in thename of the State Intellectual Proper...